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URBIC® speaks French

With the new customer LUXTRAM S.A., urbic® has established itself for the first time in another European country.

LUXTRAM S.A., a company in the public sector, has been assigned the job of conceptual design, construction and operation of the tram network in the city of Luxembourg. The goal is to expand the infrastructure of the city of Luxembourg and, above all, to make it more sustainable. The public transport network should be in harmony with the cityscape and, at the same time, environment friendliness should be improved.

In the process, urbic® should make a substantial contribution to the assurance of quality. For this purpose, urbic® will in future be available not only in German, but also in French and English. When setting up the urbic® system, LUXTRAM S. A. will be supported by the engineering office TRAMP Luxembourg Sàrl.

We are happy to have LUXTRAM S.A. as our first foreign customer and, together with our cooperation partner Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, we are looking forward to a productive collaboration.