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Module device management

With the help of the additional module, it is possible to manage not only the logical infrared devices but also the physical devices. In doing so, the following data is recorded and monitored:

  • Serial number
  • Location
  • Battery voltage
  • Monitoring of the battery life
  • Repairs to the device (change of battery, panel replacement, …)
  • When does the device have to be replaced?
  • History of tracking and tracing (where was the device till now, etc.)


Owing to new customers and other interested parties, we were faced with the challenge of providing the system not just in German but also in translation in other languages. The first successful step in this process was a translation into French for interested parties from Luxembourg. Naturally, this required the creation of geographical prerequisites, i.e., the integration of maps via OpenStreetMap®. The current version of urbic® is therefore also available in French and in English. With increasing requirements and customer inquiries, more languages will be added in the future.

Module event tracking

A further module contained in the new version captures fixed and recurring events quickly and simply. Whenever an event is taking place at a particular location, urbic® can capture this by means of an input signal and can evaluate it on the basis of corresponding criteria. For example, this can relate to events at stops or stations which may occur again and again and are worth capturing. An application scenario here could be to record whether a ticket vending machine is functioning or defective or demolished. Another example could be capturing graffiti, so as to find out which areas are particularly affected and to initiate possible remedial measures. The purpose of this module is to be able to evaluate how often and at which place a particular event occurs. Certain problems are often quite apparent. However, it is not always possible to record them, and where and at what time they (cumulatively) occur in order to be able to take appropriate measures.

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