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Management of master data

urbic® manages all data which is relevant for the TLS override via public transport. Among other things, the central database contains the following data:

  • Route types and routes with geo-referenced display
  • Process control computers and TLS, including location, type, signal manufacturing company, reporting point provisioning and circuit times
  • Infrared beacons including location, status and included reporting points

as well as a display of how the elements are connected with one another.

Master data view traffic light system (TLS)
Master data view traffic light system (TLS)

Inaccuracies and the need for coordination as a result of inconsistent databases are therefore a thing of the past.

Using the geo-coordinates, a map-based search for specific TLS and infrared beacons for other divisions of the company can also be conveniently carried out. In the event of a malfunction or an TLS failure, this reduces the response time, as the right contact persons can be informed quickly without a long search. Depending on requirements, even temporary construction TLS can be added to the system for long-term construction projects.

infrared beacon order in the order module
Infrared beacon order in the order module

Via a beacon order module, urbic® can automatically generate orders to the local beacon supply. Thanks to urbic®, the transfer of instructions by the traffic-control employee to the transport network can be performed in less than an hour. The history of beacon supply is automatically documented.

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