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Quality management of traffic signal systems

urbic® does not merely map traffic quality. It is also in a position to technically monitor the overall systems of the infrared data transmission interference at TLS.

Every contact of a vehicle with an infrared beacon is registered. By means of this, it is possible to derive conclusions from this data about the technical status of the means of transport with regard to their transmission quality. On the other hand, it is also possible to find beacons in the network which have become conspicuous because there has been no data exchange with the vehicle. The reception quality of the radio receiver at the TLS is ascertained by checking the completeness of the radio telegram chain.

Identification of conspicuous infrared-beacons
Identification of conspicuous infrared beacons (source DVB AG)


Overview of radio reception quality
Overview of radio reception quality (source DVB AG)

Thanks to urbic®, errors in data transmission can therefore be identified quickly and rectified precisely – for reliable quality management at TLS.

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