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Sample calculation: In an ÖPNV network, 5 bus routes each run at 10 minute intervals. Each route traverses on average 15 TLS nodes with an average TLS down time of 30 seconds (90 seconds TLS cycle in fixed-time mode with a 30 second window, i.e. an off-time of 60 seconds, cause an average waiting time for a random arrival, giving an TLS down time of 30 seconds). 5 seconds average TLS down time is regarded as acceptable. 25 seconds average TLS down time for an annual shuttle service expenditure of 250 T€ per course and year across the network therefore cause an extra expenditure of 6 vehicles, approx. 32 vehicle and workshop staff, meaning traffic costs of 1.5 million €/a.

Note: The down time calculator depicts only an approximate cost estimate.




TLS- trafficlight system

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