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Passenger satisfaction

The livelihood of every company is dependent on satisfied customers. We would therefore like to have satisfied passengers who regularly use local public transport and who recommend it to others.


Anybody wishing to win passengers needs an attractive and, above all, a convincing offer. However, several other means of transport, such as private cars and bicycles and their easy availability, make it difficult to gain new customers. This also makes it difficult to retain occasional local public transport customers in the long term. Objective criteria such as time, price, route and offer play a decisive role in the choice of means of transport by citizens. Likewise, subjective factors such as habit, perception, comfort, evaluation and information also influence the choice of the potential passenger. Therefore, every transport company should know which key factors determine their customers’ choice of means of transport and what kind of investments are required to gain new customers. Every measure that results in good connectivity is of great significance. Interchange options have great potential, as a lack of reliable transfer connections can result in customer dissatisfaction. However, the local public transport is subject to numerous influencing factors on a daily basis (traffic jams, construction activities, weather conditions, TLS (traffic light system) down-time, and many more) which have a negative impact on the transport scheduling and the punctuality of the local public transport. Meanwhile, cities in particular have more traffic signals than stops per local public transport route. It is therefore up to local authorities and contractors to work together. As the saying goes, they must make a virtue out of a necessity and use the TLS for qualitative traffic management – especially for the local public transport.

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