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The individuals and interfaces profiting from urbic® are those who have points of contact with the public transport in their daily routine and to whom the profitability and efficiency of public transport are as important as customer satisfaction. In addition to passengers, this means that the following sectors will also profit from urbic®:

MORE for transport companies

Transport companies are always anxious to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring punctuality and reliable connectivity. urbic® contributes to this as it can guarantee uninterrupted high quality.

Just as much as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and political satisfaction can also be increased. This is because urbic® reports TLS problems to the traffic engineer before they are identified by an employee.

Political satisfaction results from daily reliability in the functioning of city traffic. In addition, the company can secure competitive advantages for itself in the transport market on the basis of high traffic quality within the operational transport management processes. Simultaneously, the company’s image is enhanced as the customers regard the company as a competent local transport provider owing to its consistently good quality, which also makes for a good quality of life in urban milieus.

MORE for local authorities and administration

Civil engineering departments (TLS owners):

Civil engineering departments are always anxious to find cost-efficient solutions and to guarantee a certain transparency to the public. With urbic®, you can see how your installations function and attain an TLS quality assurance for the public transport. In addition to the before-and-after comparison of construction projects and acceleration projects, this is mainly possible by monitoring the installations separately in terms of nodes, routes, TLS operators and transport companies. In this way, you can obtain detailed proof regarding the overall improvement in traffic and the functions and quality of your installations.

MORE for public transport operators

It is always important for the public transport operators to deal with political regulations and outcome reports. In this context, urbic® supplies important data and facts, in order to legitimise certain decisions and acceleration projects in public transport. Moreover, urbic® provides the possibility of detecting regional traffic problems, thereby identifying cost potentials caused by down times in each public transport at the right time. In addition, the knowledge obtained about levels of quality (traffic quality, punctuality) which the public transport currently possesses makes it easier to form comparisons with other cities and other transport operators.

MORE for engineering offices

Using urbic®, traffic planning engineers can undertake quality assurance of the TLS by means of before-and-after analyses. Additionally, urbic® also facilitates a simple display and evaluation of all TLS data as well as documenting the actual state (infrared beacons/reporting points/and many others). Furthermore, urbic® provides proof of the carrying capacity and the possibility of evaluation of complete public transport routes for acceleration projects.

 MORE for universities and technical colleges

Professors wish to impart technical knowledge in an innovative manner and, for their practice-related research, they require real data, which urbic® can provide them. Moreover, they wish to impart traffic quality to their academic junior staff in a realistic and transparent manner, which is very easy with the data clusters from urbic®. Additionally, urbic® provides qualitative before-and-after analyses that can be used in the universities for various projects. So, besides illustrating the connection between quality and economy on the basis of a practical example, there is also an image gain for the faculty of traffic sciences.

MORE for signal manufacturing companies

urbic® is a useful additional product for signal manufacturing companies. It can illustrate to the companies their own high quality by means of transparency with before-and-after analyses. Equally important for engineers is the documentation of the actual status in the public transport (infrared beacons/reporting points/TLS).

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