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Traffic-related requirements

The successful TLS override requires communication between the vehicles of the public transport and the TLS.

From a technical point of view, the provision of data can take place either locally via fixed infrared beacons or centrally via the on-board computer. A mixed operation with fixed and local provision of data is also possible.

Data transmission from the vehicle to the telegram analysis unit of the TLS occurs preferably in an analogue mode via radio telegrams of the type R09.xx. Ideally, the TLS are connected to a traffic computer, so that it can subsequently make available the data of the R09.16 telegrams sent in the network. However, the data can also be supplied by the on-board computer of the vehicles. In this process, all the transmitted reporting points are geo-referenced and stored in a database. Data collection systems are also available as cost-efficient variants of TLS data collection.

data transmission
Data transmission example


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