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What can urbic do?

Traffic light systems (TLS) significantly influence the punctuality and reliability of inner-city public transport. Intelligent, quality TLS control systems (QTLS) therefore from part of contemporary technical standards. In spite of this, only a few cities and transport companies use a system for TLS quality assurance in ÖPNV. Practical experience shows that both the desired punctuality can be improved and the work required for maintenance and upkeep of the overall system can be reduced only by deploying computerised systems for the capture, analysis and documentation of TLS data. The Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (DVB) has therefore developed a programme for TLS quality assurance for the public transport in collaboration with the company Dresden-IT GmbH (DD-IT).

urbic overview
Geo-referenced display of TLS and infrared beacons

urbic® is the only programme which maps the complete workflow for TLS monitoring via the ÖPNV. With only three clicks, transport companies can determine the public transport traffic quality across the network at TLS on the basis of HBS 2015. Using urbic®, current TLS problems can be easily identified, communicated in a transparent manner, and represented graphically.

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